Basic Cake

01 May

Sorry – no photo!!  I will make another one later this week, so I’ll post a photo of that one.

(Hmmm, I made another one, as promised, yesterday morning.  I am ashamed to say I turned around to get my camera to take a picture, and before I knew it half the cake was gone – – – apparently mothers with kindergarten aged children can eat quickly!!) I will make another this weekend and by hook or by crook I’ll take a photo of it!

We went to the country on the ANZAC day holiday, where we visited my brother.  His wife had a birthday the following day, so I decided to whip up a cake so we didn’t arrive empty handed.  So, of course I looked at what Dani had in the book, and Basic Cake it was.

This is the easiest cake in the world to make. Literally a couple of minutes, most of the ingredients added at one time. I added the coconut but I didn’t have any orange blossom water on hand, so that was it.  And, the fruit bowl was empty till that night, so it really was the most basic of basic cakes.

The batter for this cake is really quite thick when you compare it to sponges or tea cakes.  But it does turn out a most beautiful cake!  I overcooked mine a little (I think it could have been the square tin I used rather than a round one) so to make sure it was still good to eat and not crusty on the outside, I googled and found a thermomix recipe for a lime syrup to go with a cake, as I had a few limes and lemons left over from another project.  I mixed it up in 2 minutes and it was fabulous – syrupy and tangy.  If you’re interested in the recipe for the syrup, you can find it at:

I also toasted some flaked almonds and a handful of shredded coconut, and sprinkled that over the top before I served it.

I poked little holes in the surface of the cake once it had cooled down, and when we were ready to eat it, I poured over the syrup and the toasted coconut and almonds.  It looked beautiful – I just didn’t want to take a photo in case I looked like a poser!!!

I have some kindergarten mums coming over for coffee on Thursday morning, so I’ll make it again then and take a photo then!

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  1. susie

    May 18, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Hi, I made this today and I have to say, it is really lovely. I used apples for the fruit and made a brandy caramel sauce to service with it, it was a hit.


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