Mojito Cheesecakes

23 Apr

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The easiest, quickest, most beautiful cheesecake I’ve had in quite some time!

I’m not much of a dessert eater – give me a savoury dish any day –  but we had our usual Sunday dinner, and we had a birthday boy, so we needed something special to finish the meal off – aside from the left over Easter eggs, of course.  I actually gave the birthday boy a choice between me making the Mojito Cheesecakes or the Chocolate Crumble with Lemon Butterscotch Sauce and Hazlenut Parfait – and he chose the Mojito Cheesecake.  The Chocolate Crumble will appear soon, probably next family birthday, which is only a few weeks away.

The recipe is based on a Tom Aikens recipe and has been adapted by Johanna-Maria Wagner. She blogs at  It’s no bake, so it’s really easy.

I am partial to a beverage or two – and I do love a mojito – so the recipe for this piqued my interest on my first scan of the book.  It really, really tastes like a mojito!  Of course, I used the optional rum in the recipe – which really made the taste authentic.

I did have to melt the butter a little longer than the suggested time, but my butter was straight from the fridge.  So do check it’s all melted before you put the biscuits in.

You do need to chill the cream part in the fridge for a few hours before it sets, so do it earlier in the day to make sure it sets properly.  I used small glasses dishes to serve as it is quite rich, but delicious all the same. That said, I bet you could make a great big one in a spring form tin – but you would have to make the slices fairly small, and make sure you chill if for several hours to firm it up – the cheesecake mixture is fairly liquid initially.

I used McVities digestive biscuits for the base – and they were beautiful.  I was able to get them at Woolworths in the normal biscuit aisle.  They were about $4.00 for the pack, which would make this recipe four times – so in the scheme of things, not expensive at all.

I bought the marscapone from the supermarket, but next time, I’m going to try and make the marscapone myself in the thermomix and see how that goes.  I used the stock standard Philadelphia for the cream cheese – since I have had my thermomix I’ve used more cream cheese than I’ve used in my whole life, and always have a couple of blocks in the fridge for quick dips.

I elected to keep the mint leaves in the mixture, but you can take them out before you mix – it’s just personal preference if you want green bits in your mix.

I also took the cheeky way out (the thermomix way!) and just used a potato peeler to peel the zest off the limes and just put them in the thermomix in strips.  Make sure you take off the white bits on the back of the zest with a small knife before you add them into the mix, as they can be quite bitter.  Next time I’ll blitz it a little more as I was still left with a few little bits of zest in the mix, but it wasn’t unpalatable, I just would have preferred something smoother.  I suppose if you wanted it to be really, really smooth, you could pre-prepare the lime zest and add it already done to the mix. I used to hate recipes that required zest in any way, shape or form before I had my thermomix – how things have changed!

This dessert got praise all round – it will definitely be on rotation in this house!


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2 responses to “Mojito Cheesecakes

  1. Anita Teesdale

    November 18, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    I too have made these cheesecakes and they were delish!!!!! Only issue I had was what size glass to use. I bought new glasses to suit the look of this dish but they were too large for the mixture. Can you enlighten me as to the approx size of the glass/bowls you used as it didn’t make as much as I would’ve liked.

    • wilbursmum

      November 18, 2012 at 4:43 pm

      Hi again!

      I used a 24cl bowl. They are about 10cm from rim to rim, and about 5cm high. If you are in Melbourne let me know and I can tell you exactly where I bought them!

      Wilbur mum


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