Recipe – Chocolate Crumble with Lemon Butterscotch Sauce and Hazelnut Parfait

14 May

Time required:  1 and a quarter hours, plus 30 minutes crumble chilling, 2 hours chocolate cream chilling, 6 hours parfait freezing.

Serves: 8 (or 6 greedy family members!)


75 grams butter, cubed

75 grams demerara sugar

25 grams almond meal

55 grams flour

15 grams cocoa powder

a pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 170 degrees/Gas Mark 3

Place all ingredients in the TM bowl.  Mix for 5 seconds/speed 5 to a breadcrumb texture. Transfer into a bowl and reserve in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes before use.  Sprinkle evenly into a 20cm lined tart ring or cake tin and bake for 9 minutes.  Remove it from the oven but leave the tart ring in place.  Carefully place the 18cm ring on top of the crumble, leaving a border around the edge. Without cutting through, press the tart ring down gently into the crumble.  Set aside to cool.

Chocolate Cream

155 grams 70% cocoa dark chocolate buttons, or chopped to button size

165 grams whipping cream

70 grams milk

1 egg, beaten

Put the chocolate in the TM bowl and chop for 10 seconds/speed 6.  Add the cream, milk and egg and cook for 5 minutes/80 degrees/speed 3.  Pour into the 18cm ring on top of the crumble base and leave to set in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Caramel Hazelnuts and paste

400 grams hazelnuts

120 grams sugar

a large pinch of salt

Place the hazelnuts in the TM bowl and crush for 1 second/speed 6.  Sieve to remove powder, retaining the crumbled pieces and setting the powder aside.

In a large pan, bring the sugar and 40 grams of water to a thick boil, around 115 degrees.  Gently fold in the crumbled hazelnuts and salt.  Mix until the hazelnuts are completely coated in the caramel then pour into a greased tray to cool.

When cold, set aside half the mixture for the final garnish and turn the remainder, plus the sieved hazelnut powder, into a paste by blitzing from 20 seconds/speed 7.  If continuing immediately, leave the hazelnut paste in the TM bowl and proceed with the parfait recipe below. Otherwise, set the paste aside in a sealed container.

Hazelnut Parfait

6 egg yolks

80 grams sugar

350 grams milk

150 grams double cream

prepared hazelnut paste

Pour the egg yolks, sugar, milk and cream in the TM bowl with the hazelnut paste.  Mix for 30 seconds/speed 5, then cook for 10 minutes/80 degrees/speed 5.  Pout the parfait mixture into a bowl that’s sitting over iced water to cool it quickly.  Once cool, place it in a container and freeze, stirring it with a fork every few hours. (An ice cream machine can also be used here.  This recipe makes about 1 litre, and, of course, it can be made and enjoyed without the chocolate tart)

Lemon Butterscotch Sauce

zest of two lemons, peeled into strips

75 grams lemon juice

180 grams whipping cream

75 grams glucose syrup

150 grams sugar

Place the lemon zest in the TM bowl and blitz for 20 seconds/speed 9.  Scrape down and blitz again for 40 seconds/speed 9.  Add the lemon juice and cream to the TM bowl.  Heat for 4 minutes/100 degrees/speed 1.

While it’s heating, place 20 grams of water, the glucose and the sugar in a small saucepan and store over medium heat to create caramel.  Once it’s blond in colour, take it off the heat.

Bring the lemon juice mixture back up to 100 degrees, if necessary, then continue to mix at speed 3 while adding the caramel mixture.  It should be amber yellow in colour. Transfer to a container and reserve in the fridge to set.


Ease off the tart rings, using a blowtorch if possible to gently warm the 18cm ring. Cut the tart into wedges and east onto dessert plates.

Drizzle the lemon butterscotch sauce over the top, spangly with caramelised hazelnuts and serve with a rectangle or scoop of hazelnut parfait.

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One response to “Recipe – Chocolate Crumble with Lemon Butterscotch Sauce and Hazelnut Parfait

  1. Roy

    November 29, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    Made this yesterday to celebrate my birthday with work colleagues. It was a hit! Just one tip: start with the parfait.

    You may also need to allocate time go things to cool.

    One thing that wasn’t super clear in the recipe that we tweaked to after I was too late:

    20cm – spring form with the base. 18cm spring form – just use the ring part and don use the base. So there is a 20cm crust and then the 18cm tin goes in the middle and the chocolate cream

    The hazelnut paste. Think the hazelnuts should be blitzed for just a tiny bit longer as there wasn’t quite enough toffee to cover the hazelnuts.


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